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NorthStar Sports is the elite facility for Athlete Performance Training. Offering programs for athletes of all ages [Youth, High School, Collegiate Athletes, Professionals & ‘Train4Life’ Adults]. Our unique training style transcends the generic labels of ‘speed training‘, ‘strength training‘, ‘plyometrics‘, ‘resistance‘ or ‘sport specific training‘. We work to combine all of the essential elements of elevating athletic performance into PERFORMANCE TRAINING programs that have transformed the landscape of athletics around the country.

Not All Trainers
Are Created Equal

Creating an athlete is a proccess. We must teach them how to train with a method, how to fuel like an athlete and how to rest and recover for maximal gains.


Poughkeepsie, NY

66 Page Park Dr
Poughkeepsie, NY 12601


Facility Main: (845) 462-2434

Orange County, NY

878 Blooming Grove Turnpike
New Windsor, NY 12355


Facility Main: (845) 562-5258

Brewster, NY

19 Sutton Pl.
Brewster, NY 10509


Facility Main: (845) 416-5181

Elite Athlete Performance Training

NorthStar Sports

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